about me


i am a german singer,songwriter,artist from cologne,germany.
i offer a variety of songs...
from electro pop to house,etc.,....

thanks for taking your time to get to know something "about me".
first of all like to explain to you the main thing  i am focused on:

the difference.

act differently,
have a different look....
last but not least:

unusual,original&distinctive sound.

bill gates once said,that new innovations will come out of a small garage...!

i got more than 150 songs{rawversions}.
not mixed and mastered yet..but will be ..one day.
i work on it.

5 songs ,"spanish","skylines","du tust mir nicht gut","Your life"and "wake me up"are ready to listen to ,dance to or download.
i am able to co-operate and willing to give the best i can.
to work with artists,musicians brings me joy,contentedness and fun,especially developing and
improving.music incarnates all in one.
neverending possibilities,options.
i would very appreciate you to contact me(don't hesitate) for any questions,suggestions or inquiries.
we should work together.....
for authenticity.
and create an new style,trend,sound.
thanks for your attention,
best wishes,

-the future is now-

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